Prioritize and Analyze Product Feedback

Identify top ideas and understand their use-cases

Prioritize product feedback from customers and teammates aggregated in a centralized place. Identify top ideas for improving your product and take the guesswork out of product planning and prioritization.

See why Rapidr is the customer feedback tool of choice among SaaS companies.

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Identify top ideas and understand their use-cases


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Identify top ideas with maximum impact

Analyze Top Ideas with Maximum Impact

Identify top ideas with maximum impact

Don’t waste time building the wrong features. See which features are most requested by talking with your customers and clarify use cases upfront.

Quickly understand customer needs and customer demands
Prioritize features and product improvements

Identify Who Requested What with User Profiles

Identify who requested what with User Profiles

Rapidr keeps track of exactly who requested a feature. Use user profiles to identify the impact of feedback and note additional context from customers in comments.

Build what your highest-value customers want most
Use confidential comments to investigate further with teammates
Identify who requested what with User Profiles
Inform Customers by Updating Status of Feedback Requests

Inform Customers by Updating Status of Feedback Requests

Inform Customers by Updating Status of Feedback Requests

Ensure customers know their feedback was heard by updating progress status. Keep them in the loop about which requests are in-progress or planned and which are done.

Create custom status to match product terminology
Support all stakeholders to chime in the discussion around feedback.

No code required - install in 3 minutes or less

Notify users with Rapidr

Install Rapidr effortlessly without having to write a single line of code.

Hosted customer feedback portal
In-app widgets
Custom domain
Create your own changelog and release notes widget without code

We’re hard at work to bring you even more amazing features.

User segmentation

Segment users into groups to better prioritize features and feedback in the public roadmap.

Feature Prioritization

Identify top ideas with a scoring system for prioritizing, including impact & effort metrics of RICE.

Jira Integration

Robust integration with Jira for keeping your product development process in sync.

Impact Score

Identify the top requested features with a feature impact score.

Effort Estimation

Effectively estimate the effort required to complete a task to reflect complexity.

Send emails from Rapidr

Send product updates over email without configuring third-party tools or provisioning servers.


Complete user feedback loop in one place

Unlike other tools, Rapidr is not just a customer feedback tool, it goes beyond that.

From capturing ideas & feedback to strategizing, sharing public plans via roadmap, and announcing product releases, you can complete the entire feedback cycle in one place.


Collect ideas and feedback from your customers


Sift through the collected ideas and create a product strategy.


Show what you’re currently working on and what’s coming next.

#4Release notes

Announce product updates with your customers.

Build better products with user feedback

Rapidr helps SaaS companies understand what customers need through feedback, prioritize what to build next, inform the roadmap, and notify customers on product releases

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