Rapidr vs Canny.io: Affordable alternative

Rapidr is an easy-to-use and affordable customer feedback management tool that helps product managers complete the user feedback lifecycle, compared to Canny, which is expensive, and complex.

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Why choose Rapidr over Canny?

​​Though Canny offers a large array of features, most teams only use a fraction of what they offer. With Rapidr, you get access to a refined set of features focused on delivering the best customer experience possible — all without breaking the bank.


Complex user interface

Cannys' user interface feels cluttered at many places, causing a complex frustrating, and clumsy user experience.

Better User experience

Rapidr's feedback portal is lightweight, easy to use, and customizable, one that blends with your existing workflow creating an uncluttered user experience.


Fixed Status

Canny is inflexible in the case of custom statuses. They force you to use the default status, even if it makes no sense on some boards.

Custom Status

Rapidr provides fully customizable statuses apart from default status both in feedback boards & product roadmap. Creating custom statuses helps you match your company language and decide which statuses go with which feedback boards.


High-End pricing plans

Pricing is basically focused on more higher-end companies. The available expensive plans starting from $400/m are expensive for small and medium businesses and thus unusable. Hard to justify the pricing for early-stage startups.

Predictable pricing

Rapidr is an affordable, cost-effective solution, with multiple pricing plans ranging from $19, less expensive even for small startups and indie hackers, to $99 for large enterprises with more users.


White Labelling

Canny does not support white labeling and are not ready to remove the 'powered by Canny' link, even on paid plans. Furthermore, they refuse to listen to one of the top-voted feedback, losing users' trust, making them unreliable if you are looking for no visible branding in feedback boards; prefer Rapidr.

White Labelling

Rapidr supports white labeling on higher-priced plans. This would remove the "powered by Rapidr" link from your feedback portal resulting in no visible branding of Rapidr.


Limited search functionality

Canny provides basic search functionality with limited use cases, which becomes a roadblock many times and decreases the ease of use.

User-friendly & Robust Search/Filters

Rapidr is built with robust searching and filter functionality in feedback entries.


Poor support

No acknowledgment for users' feedback and slow response rate make users feel frustrated and left out.

High-class support

We will be there for you no matter what, whenever you need. Rapidr has a feedback board setup where all user's feedback is acknowledged, and every support request is treated with a high response rate.


Rapidr is an affordable alternative to Canny.io

Canny is expensive with pricing options starting at $400/mo. $400/m, nowhere near affordable. Canny is more focused on enterprise software companies with higher pricing plans as compared to new SaaS startups and startups.


Rapidr is an affordable & cost-effective solution, with transparent and inexpensive pricing plans starting from just $19/mo, less expensive even for small startups. We have plans for everybody; we don't want feedback management to be a privilege only for large companies. Contact us to explore. Try Rapidr and all our features with a 14-day free trial.

RAPIDR$19/ mo$19/ mo$109/ mo
CANNY$400/ mo$400/ mo$600/ mo
POTENTIAL ANNUAL SAVINGS$4560/ year$4560/ year$5892/ year

See what our customers are saying...

Rapidr is like how I think user feedback should work. It's sooo good.

AJ Keller
AJ Keller
Co-founder, Neurosity

Rapidr is everything we need to prioritize our product roadmap based on feedback from users. Cherry on top is the ability to see what's in development and what's shipped.

Daniel Wolken
Co-founder, DailyRemote

Feedback management software for product teams.

Collaborate and manage feedback while having a seamless user experience that keeps users in the loop and allows you to focus on the necessary with little to no learning curve.
Capture feedback with Rapidr

Remove the guesswork from product management with feedback

Collaborate and collect product feedback in one place—no more feedback distributed across multiple channels. Turn your customers into product contributors and listen to them to understand customer needs. Seamlessly integrate a feedback portal into your website.

Capture feedback with Rapidr

Remove the guesswork from product management with feedback

Collaborate and collect product feedback in one place—no more feedback distributed across multiple channels. Turn your customers into product contributors and listen to them to understand customer needs. Seamlessly integrate a feedback portal into your website.


Everything you need to take better product decisions

Why Rapidr is the best Canny alternative? Manage the entire feedback lifecycle –– Product Ideation, Feature Prioritization, Public Roadmap, Product Strategy, Releases –– in one place. Better visibility and management of feedback for your use.

Single Sign-On

Seamlessly authenticate & identify your customers and know precisely who contributes to your feedback board.

Customer Portal

Create unlimited boards to collect ideas and feature requests in our ideas portal, such as suggested feature requests, bug reports, etc.

Custom Domain

Setup Rapidr to run on your domain effortlessly. We will provide and manage SSL for you too.

Custom Status

Create different statuses when tracking different types of feedback for each board, such as resolved for bug reports.


Invite unlimited teammates to contribute, manage and prioritize feedback and product ideas.

Votes & Comments

Vote on ideas and engage with users using comments. Prioritize effectively by quickly identifying popular feedback.

Integrates with the tools you already use

Our turnkey integrations allow you to connect with your favorite apps in a few clicks.


Switching to Rapidr from Canny.io?

Are you fed up with a expensive tool that bounds your action every step of the way? Make the switch. We got you. Just contact us, and we'll migrate your data and make the switch to Rapidr even more pleasant!

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Still deciding? We have answers to your questions!

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